Florida lease agreement requirements Mar 6th, 2018   [viewed 1781 times]

There are additional and district requirements for landowners and tenants to accomplish a residential lease for apartment or unit. It is mandatory to take into consideration the rules, listed below:

  1. Security deposit: Firstly, a landlord may require any amount of security deposit, because there are no limits. It means, that there is no word about it in the Florida Statute. Secondly, the landlord has to return the security deposit to the tenant within 15 days of the end of the lease for a full, refund and within 30 days in case there were any withholdings.
  2. Landlord right of entry: It is abandoned to for the lessor to enter the renting house without any notice. If you need to get into the premises, send at least 12 hour notice.

You have to include the following information in the contract:

  • landlord and tenant identifying information (names and addresses);
  • pet allowances and prohibitions,
  • the address of the premises,
  • specific health and hazard disclosures,
  • how much rent and security deposit is due to the landlord

Adding to this it is advisable to include few basic details to avoid any possible misunderstandings. For instance, make a short description of property that is going to be leased. In case of proceedings, it could help you in a court. Include the lease period. Specify the accurate date of the start and the end of the leasing period. Add the exact amount of money to be paid on a yearly basis or month-to-month. Determine the method of paying. Add amount that should be paid for taxes and utilities. It is also wise to write down other obligations and requirements of both parties. To make the final document legally binding, put down the signatures.