Convert from JPG to PDF Online Sep 10th, 2017   [viewed 1832 times]

How to Convert JPGs to PDFs Online?

Of course, PDF is one of the most frequently used document formats, since it is versatile, unalterable and easy to view. It is useful for saving and sharing files. Moreover, PDF can be easily protected with a password, so no one can view a document without your permission.

Tips For Converting JPG to PDF

There are many reasons why to convert JPG to PDF. For instance when you need to send a JPG document, but a recipient doesn't have an application that supports this format. One more reason to use this format is that most employers ask the applicants to download the resume in PDF. If you have your document in format like JPG, it is not a problem. Using powerful jpg into pdf converter you can easily manipulate your documents.

The process of converting documents is quite easy and it usually takes just a few minutes. Here you will find the step-by-step instructions for exporting your JPGs to PDFs online:

  • go to the website to open a document converter;
  • click the “Choose file” button to choose a file you want to work with;
  • choose a doc from Dropbox or Google Drive or just drag and drop it into a box;
  • once an image is uploaded, click the “Convert” button;
  • finally save a converted file on a computer or a smartphone.

There are lots of advantages for those who use online converters. First, you don't have to download or install an application that allow you to save space on your device. Furthermore, you can manipulate your docs from any device, such as computer, tablet or smartphone with ease. Finally, the converted files can be saved in a cloud storage.