MS Word and PDF Comparison Sep 19th, 2017   [viewed 1829 times]

What is Better MS Word or PDF

I am responsible for document control and security in my company and I always deal with the various types of records. Facing with different issues, I try to find the best way to come to the smart solution. Choosing the most suitable format of the documents I asked myself, whether I could say which is really the best one. Finally, I chose two most frequently used and decided to compare them. Therefore, I decided to make a list of advantages of each one.

What PDFs Are Great For

  1. Printable: Every printout looks exactly like it did on the screen. Just because files preserve formatting, you don’t have to worry about all the margins and type getting along with your printer.
  2. Small size: PDF is one of the most compact. It compresses other files and produces them into a single one.
  3. Online content: Popularity among the internet.
  4. Security: There is a variety of features to keep your information safe and secured. Merging different elements: Add tables, diagrams and images. Make a conversion on such websites as
  5. Cross Platform: No need in special software. No matter what kind of computer or phone you have.

What Word Is Best For

  • Extracting data: You can take and reuse all data in Word.
  • Formatting Documents: Electronic papers are designed for processing text inside them. There are many features for text formatting. You can easily change the style, size and font.
  • Other tools such as spell checker help you avoid mistakes and typos. You don’t need any special software to make an editing.