Online PDF Editing - Rotating and Splitting Sep 15th, 2017   [viewed 1849 times]

Two Most Popular PDF Editing Tools Online - Rotate and Split

PDF is one of the most popular formats with users, since it is versatile, easy to open, view and share through the internet. Moreover, you can easily protect files in PDF with a password or limit access to them by making some settings. However, you may face certain difficulties while using such docs. For instance, you may scan wrong pages in a document. Sometimes pages can be scanned upside down or rotated to a different degree. All these issues can be solved with the help of online tools in a few clicks.

Rotating PDFs

When pages in your file are scanned incorrectly, you can effortlessly correct this situation using online pdf rotators like They allow to move a page to a needed degree just in a few clicks. All you need is to upload a document to a drag and drop box and click the arrow buttons. Then click the “Rotate now” button to manipulate your file. After it is processed, download it on a computer or a smartphone. You also have an ability to save a doc to a cloud storage.

Splitting PDF Files

The online document services allow you not only to rotate and convert PDFs, but also to merge and split them. Sometimes it happens that odd pages are scanned in a document or several docs were merged. When you need to extract certain pages or split one single file into several separate ones, just go to the website and use the online splitting tool such as Look through the steps you need to accomplish the process:

  • open a specific online tool;
  • upload a file you want to split to a drag and drop box;
  • choose the pages you need to extract;
  • then click the “Split now” button;
  • after that download a transformed file on a computer or save it to a cloud.

We offer you to save time using online services instead of downloading and installing any additional software. One more con is that you may save space on your device, because you don't have to keep such apps on it. You have an ability to manipulate your docs in no time whether you are in an office or on the go.